Art As a Force For Good. 

“The opposite of addiction is connection”

We believe that art can be used as a force good and, when combined with the right technology, the right way for the right reasons it can have a massively positive impact on humanity. Most of the crypto/blockchain space is heavily focused on the technology; Gray Wolf Labs and Artist for Addicts are focused on the humans.

What We Are Doing Next

The RecoveryPunks are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain. After an initial free mint, once all of the RecoveryPunks are claimed they can be listed, bought and sold on the OpenSea marketplace.

100% of proceeds go directly to Artist for Addicts – the first $300k in royalties get donated to Genius Recovery to fund a research project at Stanford.

Mint: Free (whitelist for 24 hours)

Royalties: 5% up to the first $100k in royalties (goes directly to the Stanford research project) and then dropped to 2.5%.
They will stay at 2.5% unless voted on through RecoveryPunks governance to change the royalties.

100% of royalties go to Artists for Addicts.

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No more anon

“The opposite of addiction is connection” This project will not be hiding behind screen names. RecoveryPunks holders are welcome to do whatever they’d like, but we’re about connection and want everyone to know who is behind RecoveryPunks and why.

Who is behind Artist for Addicts

Artist for Addicts is owned and operated by Joe Polish and Akira Chan.

About Joe

Joe Polish is the Founder of Genius Network®, one of the highest level groups in the world for Entrepreneurs. He curates the Annual Genius Network Event, Genius Network ($25,000), and 100k ($100,000), all three groups being home to some of the most successful Entrepreneurs alive, and is considered one of the most influential Connectors in the world.

Joe has also helped build thousands of businesses and generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. He has been featured in INC, Fortune, Forbes, Success, U.S News & World Report, among others, and has spoken at Stanford University. Joe also hosts three of the top ranked marketing and business podcasts on iTunes, including iLoveMarketing, 10xTalk, and GeniusNetwork. He’s also changed the lives of many others through his charitable causes including: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Artists For Addicts, Genius Recovery,, as well as being the single largest contributor to Sir Richard Branson’s charity, Virgin Unite.

His documentary “CONNECTED: The Joe Polish Story,” premiered at the historic TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Mann’s Chinese Theatre), and his documentary “Black Star” won the Audience Choice Award at the Sedona Film Festival. Joe’s mission with Entrepreneurs and Genius Network® is “to build a better entrepreneur,” and his mission with Genius Recovery is “to change the global conversation of how people view and treat addicts with compassion, instead of judgment and to find the best forms of treatment that has efficacy and share those with the world.”

You can learn more about Joe Polish by watching the trailer for the documentary about his life here:

About Akira

Akira Chan is a documentary filmmaker and cofounder of Rare Media, a production studio focused on digital storytelling for organizations, authors, entrepreneurs, and artists. Rare works with organizations like Chopra Global, Mindvalley, Genius Network, Abundance360, Powur, ImpactU, and more.

What is RecoveryPunks

Joe Polish, Nic Peterson, and Susan Potje take a first look at RecoveryPunks and discuss why this project is so important here:

RecoveryPunks will be be incorporated into the Wolf Den/Gray Wolf and Guardian Foundation ecosystem.

Wolf Pup NFT holders will get whitelist access for 24 hours before the public mint date.

You can mint a Wolf Pup here for 0.1ETH or purchase one from someone else on OpenSea.

Note: 450 RecoveryPunks will be reserved for researchers, contributors and organizations that contribute to Addiction Recovery and connection efforts.

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Note: this is not a money making opportunity, job offer or get rich quick scheme. RecoveryPunks are unique collectibles that can be bought, sold and traded openly on the market. All RecoveryPunks events, benefits and royalties go directly to Artists For Addicts.